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Men’s NIKE Air Max Tavas review for shoes

The Nike Air Max Tavas is one of the early Air Max lines nicknamed the Tavas. There were no hard pities with that gorgeous sneaker sporty classic casual style design. Let’s start the Nike air max Tavas review.

I can definitely recommend Mens Nike air max Tavas running shoes to anyone who wishes for a versatile footwear companion that can easily transition from work to play even to fitness.

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Can the Tavas shoes really be affordable? If you’re considering shopping online for shoes this season we can help.

The Men’s Nike air max Tavas running shoes is a shoe bound to make your life more enjoyable. It’s not just for work or play, it can be worn while you exercise and even during fitness classes.

If these benefits sound good then consider the following information on this footwear design before making that purchase or else you will have to shrink your shoes. 

The sneaker has been getting rave reviews from customers who’ve tried them out themselves some people say they’re comfortable enough not only to wear all day long but also as casual shoes too.

Product description

Nike Air Max Tavas features mesh and synthetic uppers lightweight and ventilated, phylon midsole unit, visible Max Air unit in the heel.

Nike branding on the tongue and the iconic Nike Swoosh Ticks on both sides. Mesh and synthetic high-performance mesh uppers are lightweight, breathable and easy to wear throughout.

One of Nike Air Max Tavas’s most recognizable features is its slimmed-down profile from the use of no-sew fabric on the upper with synthetic outlays which are smooth and often seamless as compared to most.

The entire upper is mounted on the soft foam midsole with visible Air Max cushioning in front which allows for impact support and shock absorption.

There is no piping on all upper layers to make the model lighter than ever.

Nike Air Max Tavas Mens History

The Nike Air Max Tavas Day is held every March 26 coincides with the first release date for Nike’s iconic racing shoe.

Original Nike Air Max was designed by infamous Nike designer Tinker Hatfield who also invented the modern Nike based air jordans.

The shoe features an Air Max Cushioning Module visible at the heel which was considered futuristic at the time of its release in 1987 and even advanced for its time.

In 2014 Nike Air was relaunched by the Nike Swoosh brand. Air Max Tavas casual running shoe incorporates style elements from previous models to form a slimmer body with a modern look retaining the comfort and durability of the classic Air Max sneaker.

Nike Killer Good Looks for Any Occasion

Nike Men’s Low-Top Sneakers

So if fashion isn’t really an issue here (or ever) take note because I think anyone would feel great putting their feet into one of these kicks every time they want new style inspiration and don’t worry about having to break it in, because these shoes are very comfortable.

One online reviewer even raved about being able to wear this for their entire shift at work.

“I have been wearing them for a week now, the only downside is the bottom of the sole isn’t as squishy as other Nike’s I have owned but I still give them a 5 star. These boots are perfect for me and stylish and comfortable too.”

We all know that Nike is known for their best quality shoes so if you want to get the most out of your money, you’ll be able to do just that by choosing this brand.

Nike air max tavas reviews for design

Nike Air Max running shoes
Nike Air Max running shoes

The design of the Nike air max Tavas mens is immediately recognizable as a signature style, but it could easily be mistaken for another shoe when viewed without knowledge.

To someone who knows what to look out for though like me there are subtle differences in this model that set them apart from others on sale today.

The most obvious giveaway would have to be with their heel unit while all other sneakers use traditional laces or velcro closures around your foot/ankle area these babies come sans shoestrings so you can either fold up one side first before stepping into.

Air Max Tevas Comfortable running shoes

The Nike air max Tavas men’s can be very comfortable in certain areas of the foot. The heel and forefoot, for instance, are padded with remarkable soft responsiveness that’s just dream-like wearing these running shoes.

Even inside there aren’t any stray threads or stitches which could cause blisters on your skin – making these sneakers perfect even if you have sensitive feet like mine sometimes do.

While the shoe does break in after a while, I have to point out that they don’t loosen up quite enough which is unfortunate for those individuals with slightly wider feet.

Tevas Responsive Soles for Bounce by Nike air max tavas men’s

Nike Air Max Casual Shoes for men
Nike Air Max Casual Shoes

It is no secret that runners love running shoes in a pair of optimally responsive shoes.

I took my Nike men’s air max Tavas shoes out on the track and they were great for high-speed runs which made even those long exertions feel effortless.

The magic behind the Nike men’s air max Tavas shoe design is a revolutionary cushioning technology called Max Air.

Nike air max Tavas men’s special material allows your foot to sit comfortably inside of its heel, storing momentum for when you need it most like during the toe-off phase or at high speeds where other shoes lack power transfer skills.

The meaning behind this particular shoe’s ingenious features can be attributed largely thanks in part to their use together.

A specially designed outsole delivers maximum propriety along with state-of-the-art polyurethane fore-aft (“Nike”) linings which help optimize comfort under pressure.

The highly flexible rubber sole of these shoes make running and walking feel extra natural so you don’t have to exert energy just for your feet moving against the resistance.

Men’s nike air max tavas running shoe

Men's nike air max tavas running shoes
Men’s nike air max tavas running shoes

The low-top ultra-light lifestyle running footwear is the ideal companion for urban commute, travel on shopping trips and grocery runs for the whole family.

Nike’s Air Max 1 Tavas running shoe are the perfect kicks to wear in Spring, Summer and Autumn months.

The men’s Nike Airmax Zava sneakers are best paired with shorts leggings slim Denim jeans upper and below the ankle track pants.

The AirMax Tavas from the female line can be worn with denim skirts, leggings, track pants and skinny jeans.

Buyers of the shoe can choose tops like shirts tank tops and hoodies that complement Spring and Fall colours well.

Long lasting Nike Shoes Speciality in Design

I love the Nike men’s air max Tavas casual shoes because they last so much longer than other, ultra-lightweight running shoe.

Unlike flimsier designs that get destroyed after just one run in them, these babies can go on for miles with me.

The materials used in Nike shoes are also top-notch they stay pretty much the same even after months of use.

The best materials for shoes are leather, nubuck and patent. However, the most durable types tend to be no-sew overlays based overshoes that don’t peel or crackle after some time.

If someone wants them purely aesthetically pleasing without any real utility value attached like being able to withstand wear & tear from daily use while still looking great.

Max Tavas Sneakers for men with different Colors

Nike AIrmax Running shoes
Nike AIrmax Running shoes

Nike has the Tavas in many colour options like everyone favourite all black, so you can be sure to find your favourite when browsing for them.

The most popular choice is undoubtedly black it retails at a premium but offers an elegant touch that’s hard not to.

For children’s feet, the Tavas are available in two variations one for little kids who want to mimic their parents’ shoes and another design specifically targeted at younger customers with colourful options. 

The big difference between these models is how they’re made while adults have orthopaedics built into them that support bone growth up until age 16 or 17 when it then becomes difficult without extra assistance from shoe companies like Nike.

Kids’ shoes lack this function in their design so they don’t have a tendency to overdevelop bones in the body which can arouse a lifetime of problems.

Nike Air Max Tavas Sneakers Price Range

Nike isn’t offering too many discounts on their products like running shoe due to an effort to remain an upscale company.

But if you really like them and can afford to pay a bit more for more comfort and ease of use then check out the latest deals on their official website.

Otherwise, the Tavas retail at around $150 which is already cheaper than most competitors with similar features.

Most Nike models hover at around this price range so they don’t go beyond $200+. 

Nike men’s air max Tavas Sneakers size and fit

AIr max shoes for kids
AIr max shoes for kids

The shoes are held at a straight line by flat laces keeping both the heel and tongue tightly secured for a comfortable ride.

It has a removable insert that can easily be replaced by orthotics for those with pronation concerns.

This running-inspired shoe is available in US men’s sizes or any half size. These shoes are also Nike air max best shoes for kids.

  • The shoes’ lightweight design and structure make them perfect for both running and regular walking around town.
  • Perfectly crafted aesthetics can carry you anywhere, from the track to any other event.
  • The shoe’s impressive longevity means that even after months of wear, it will still look and feel like new.
  • Your feet will be adequately cradled, especially around the heel and forefoot, thanks to the satisfying comfort.
  • The soles of the shoes have Max Air cushions in them to help with fatigue reduction and energy efficiency.
  • Even when jogging at a fast speed, your feet will be stabilised by your soles.
  • The area around the mid-foot isn’t as plush as the rest of the mattress.
  • After a while, no-sew overlays start to come off.

The Verdict for Men’s Nike Air Max Tavas shoes

The Best Nike air max Tavas for walking is a great all-around, everyday footwear choice that will help you go through your day with just one pair of reliable shoes.

The design can give sky-high satisfaction no matter where life takes us at the gym or on track for instance.

The shoe is perfect whether it be running errands around town, doing PT outside in heels while wearing socks (like I used to do), going out clothes shopping during cold winter months.

Bottom Line

The Nike Air Max Tavas is a fusion of retro old school aesthetics and contemporary running shoe design.

The back unit helps cushion the impact, while the printed canvas delivers an eye-catching look to this sneaker.

Some buyers have complained needs a short break-in time before feeling comfortable but satisfies all other aspects like comfort level pricing for a lightweight feel.

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