how to wash converse in washing machine

How to wash converse in washing machine( 3 Easy Ways)

Everyone loves to wear converse shoes because we can wear these shoes on almost any occasion. Nothing is more irritating to you than to pull out the boots you wear most and find them covered with stains now are you worried how to wash converse in washing machine.

Don’t worry we are here to help washing your dirty shoes and remove stain and make them again wearble and get rid of dust.

As converse shoes they became easily dirty when worn. It seems to work well with the best ways to clean your white sneakers and get them cleaned again. Even when converses have been around for years, you can get rid of them and make them look like new shoes.

The best ways to clean your White Converse shoes

You’ve probably heard many people say that the best way to clean your Converse shoes is to put them in the washing machine. While this might work, it’s much easier and cheaper to use some of these methods to clean white converse shoes.

  1. Wash Converse In the Washer
  2. Hand-wash white Converse-style shoes
  3. Clean your white shoes with converse with toothpaste

How to wash converse in the washing machine?

Many people are not aware and are still looking for can you wash converse in the washing machine It is not difficult to do so and ensure that you have a long-lasting product. You will need to follow a few steps to ensure that your shoes go through the right procedure, which will help to make the shoes cleaner.

  1. First, remove any dirt from your shoes using a cleaning cloth and mild soap.
  2. After that, fill a washing machine with cold water and add some liquid detergent.
  3. Place your shoes in, and then let them soak for 30 minutes before putting them in with the rest of your clothes.
  4. Once all the clothes are in and the machine has finished, turn the washing machine on and let it run.
  5. Now your shoes will be perfectly cleaned in washing machine with help of detergent after cleaning shoes
  6. Now pull out the water completely, and your shoes are ready to dry and wear.

How to hand-wash white Converse-style shoes?

Converse-style shoes are popular among teens and pre-teens. They’re easy to keep clean but still excellent and inexpensive.

After knowing How to wash converse in washer or washing machine now lets try another famous method which is the best way to wash your Converse sneakers is by hand which also aid for how to clean smelly converse.

But if you want to be sure that the job gets done suitable, there are a few things that you should know about washing your Converse. 

how to wash converse in washing machine
  1. All you need is water and a few tablespoons of detergent.
  2. Adding detergent and enough water to the sink will ensure that the shoes are submerged.
  3. Once the detergent has dissolved, submerge the boots in the water.
  4. Now you can gently scrub the dirt off of the shoes or use the toothbrush to scrub the spots where the stains are. 
  5. After that, the next step is to rinse the shoes, let them dry, and wear them again.

Sure, you will definitely like this method. In this process, your shoes will not be damaged, and you will be thoroughly cleaning your dirty shoes.

How to clean your white shoes with converse with toothpaste?

Cleaning shoes with toothpaste is also an excellent method to clean your shoes without a washing machine. You only need a few products to wash the converse shoes in this method.

  1. All you need to do is first put the toothpaste in a container. After that, add a small amount of baking soda, which will help to remove the stain from the shoes.
  2. If available, you can also add any shampoo, which will create foam to cover your shoes to clean.
  3. After adding all of this stuff together, the next step is to add water to the container, which aids in mixing them all together. 
  4.  Now it’s time to remove the laces from the shoes which you are willing to wash and make the wet. Now you can take a toothbrush or any brush to apply the prepared mixture overshoes and start scrubbing shoes from each side.
  5. It might take some time to scrub the shoes thoroughly. After that, clean them with water.
  6. If you want to clean the rubber part of your shoes, you can use nail polish remover to make them neat and clean.

Can you put converse in the dryer after washer?

It’s not good to dry your converse shoes no matter how badly you need them. The heat from the dryer will warp the rubber on the soles and shrink the fabric. If you do this, your shoes may feel too small, or the sole may feel uncomfortably rough. The worst possible scenario is that the whole shoe will break. 


I recommend using suitable materials and tools to make the cleaning process more manageable. As a first step, ensure that you have the right cleaning supplies on hand. The next step is to make sure you are using the right cleaning product. 

Can you wash converse in the washing machine?

Yes, you can use a washing machine to clean converse, but you need to detergent in the washing machine with water and let the washing machine do the rest.

Can we wash Converse with Toothpaste?

Yes, you can clean your favorite converse shoes with toothpaste only. Still, we recommend using other necessary products to make shoes cleaner than just using toothpaste.

Can I Wash Converse with Baking Soda?

Yes, sure, baking soda is a favorite household cleaner, and it can be used to clean your shoes as well. Just sprinkle some baking soda on your shoes and rub it into the shoe with a brush. The baking soda will dissolve in a few minutes, so let it sit and then remove with a damp cloth.

How To Dry Converse Shoe In The Dryer?

Put a pair of shoes in a dryer on high heat for 20 minutes or expose the shoes to direct sunlight .

Why Are Converse Shoes So Expensive?

Price-wise, Converse shoes are reasonable. Converse shoes are not as expensive as other shoe brands. In addition, there is a possibility that Converse prices will increase due to the factors of supply and demand. Furthermore, Converse shoes feature more advanced technology, which makes them more expensive.

How To Get A Converse Shoe To Fit?

According to Converse, you should go down a full size if you wear a large extent. To figure out your Converse shoe size, you should measure your foot. Stand straight against the wall and step on paper, and note your foot size to get the best-fit converse shoes.

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